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Marching On

by Dennis M. Myers, 03/14/2021

My editor is going through the story formerly known as Red Ice this month. I hope to have it out to beta readers by April. Red Ice was a perfect name for the short story, but once it grew into a full novel, the red ice just didn't play a big enough part that I thought it still applied. This is the first time I've written a book that I didn't have a name in mind. I still refer to the project as Red Ice, and I have some good ideas and suggestions. I'll probably wait until I am ready to submit it, then pick the one I like in the moment. If it's not good, whoever buys the book can suggest something better.

I started in 3288 with Final Assembly and Precipice, then jumped up to 3297 for Endurance. Red Ice takes place in 2414, so it is very disconnected from other stories. Keeping in that line, I've now jumped ahead to 3862 for Legend of Akushu. Akusu is a world around a red dwarf, tidally locked but in the habitable zone. One side is in eternal sunshine and way too hot for people. The other side is, of course, a frozen wasteland. There is a thin band of habitable zone at the perimeter. A slight orbital wobble means the sun rises for half the local year, then sets again. A local year is about 15 days. How this looks exactly depends on where you live, but you won't be living outside anyway. The atmosphere is thick enough, it just doesn't have enough oxygen. Fifteen enclosed cities dot the temperate zone like jewels on a ring.

Frequent rains leave large lakes which grow massive bacterial mats, the only native life. A thick brown sludge they call muck is harvested by beings called muckers, who, on the outside, resemble to sludge they harvest. The muck provides all the nutrients and biological material the city needs to manufacture food. Some of the primitive life forms of Akushu make it difficult to operate machinery, or basic electronics. A biological solution was required.

Deep in the bowels of the city of Bahati, Frank is looking for a rat.

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One Comment

Saturday, March 20, 2021 2:23 PM
UPDATE: I was honored with a submission invitation last week. Persephone and I are putting a final coat of MinWax onto the first three chapters, and I'll be submitting Red Ice: Luna 2414 to a publisher shortly. I am excited.

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