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The Social Dilemma

by Dennis M. Myers, 12/7/2020

I was recently given the recommendation to watch The Social Dilemma, a documentary on netflix. I put it on my list right away, but it languished there for a few weeks while I made my way through other, far less important offerings.

Finally, in a spur of the moment decision, I clicked on the entry, and started to watch it. The movie is engaging enough, with interviews interspersed with allegorical dramatizations. But the overall effect, and the content they are attempting to present, is deeply disturbing.

I want to say, right up front, that I was moved to action by this thing. Aside from giving it space here on my meager blog, I have also been recommending it to my friends... on social media, or course.

Don't get me wrong, I am serious in my activity, but the dilemma in the title is there for a reason. For every good an interconnected world brings, there is a dark underside. But for every dark underside, there seems to be a silver lining.

My solution is simply to be more aware. To call out lies when I see them. To research facts when I dispute those presented, and to not rely on social media as much as I had before.

I now take weekends off. Even now, I am in the midst of the Thanksgiving Holiday, and I am taking a break from Facebook.

I hope you might consider watching it.

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