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The Political Post

by Dennis M. Myers, 10/24/2020

I was in the Navy for ten years, and leaned conservative the whole time. HW Bush was, and still is, my favorite President. I never voted for Bill Clinton. I gave Gore a chance, but he blew it during the debates. I voted for W both times. I liked him, even though he wasn't the smartest of the brothers.

John McCain was a hero of mine, and when the 2008 campaigns started, I kept track of their policy positions and their lies. Both candidates lied about the same number of times, which is to say not a lot compared to these days. Each had ideas I liked, and each had ideas that I didn't like. When I walked into the voting booth on election day, I didn't know who I was going to vote for. As I stared at the ballot, I realized that I would be fine with either man being President. I thought I just needed to cast a vote, so I put them both aside, and looked at the VP candidates. Biden was a long time senator and I felt he wouldn't destroy the country if he were to become president. Then there was Palin.

I voted against Palin.

Romney is another one I deeply respected, but by the time he was the nominee he was promising to repeal Obamacare, and my son and I both were already benefiting from it. I can't tell you how frightened I had been every time I was between jobs that I would lose health insurance again. I had been diagnosed with diabetes, and if I had gone a single month without insurance, that would have become a pre-existing condition and I wouldn't be guaranteed coverage. Being able to keep my son on my insurance for a couple of extra years was a great help to him when he really needed it. I voted for the Affordable Care Act.

When the 2016 election cycle started, I had an early favorite. Jeb Bush was the smarter brother, remember? He was a compassionate conservative that I would have loved in office.

Now let's back up a bit. In the 1990's I spent time in financial services, and some of my clients were people who Donald Trump had put out of business. He has a longstanding habit of not paying small contractors, and devastating their lives. So I didn't like him, then. I was also a huge fan of Howard Stern and used to listen to him all the time. Trump went on that show quite a bit. When he bragged about walking in on his beauty pageant contestants and getting to see everything, I thought he was a creep. They were teenagers. I have a daughter, and that just disgusted me. Years later, when he started running for President, those girls came forward and confirmed what he had said on national radio. He called them all liars. His supporters started in with death threats. Even today, just bringing the subject up enrages his brainwashed minions. His nomination has driven me away from the GOP for the foreseeable future. I don't know if I will ever be able to trust them again.

I never liked Hillary much, but there is just no way I could ever support Trump. Hillary had been making enemies of conservatives her whole life. When she was in Arkansas as the wife of Bill when he was Attorney General, she used to pose as a young mother moving into a new area, and was exposing racists who were working to keep blacks in slums and in poorer schools. The attacks on her have never stopped. However, I've not seen anything in the way of actual bad dealings. Just a lot of unproven allegations made by political operatives over the course of forty years. Like the accusation that she was running a child prostitution ring out of the basement of a pizza place in DC. Which, by the way, doesn't even have a basement. Or the idea that every death even remotely connected to her was the work of some super secret stealthy assassin she has on hand. It was all fabricated and fed to people who wanted more excuses to hate her, without regard as to how true it is. That's how one of Trump's supporters ended up raiding that pizza place and firing his gun off, scaring the crap out of innocent employees. He's still in jail, but he gets out in 2021. I hope he learns to do fact checking next time.

So, again, while I never really liked her, I would never vote for Trump.

This year, I simply can't see Biden being as destructive to the nation as Trump. The Trumpian response to Covid has been a disaster for the nation. His response to having protestors in the streets of every city in the nation has only added to their anger. He's done nothing to heal the wounds of the people he was elected to serve. Indeed, it never seems like he feels he is even a public servant.

Also, as I've aged, I have come to see the need to improve our social safety nets, help the elderly, and I can see that healthcare should not be a priveledge for the wealthy, it should be a right for everyone. So I guess I am drifting liberal anyway. When you add in our headlong rush to automation, you start to see how jobs and employment are going to shift in a way we simply aren't prepared for. Yang's universal basic income was the first shot across the bow in the hunt for solutions to that one. The solution I came up with for in my novel for Luna is another way to accomplish the same thing. I doubt either solution will be 100% effective. Maybe we should just be open to new ideas, and be aware of the oncoming problem.

Above all, I value truth, honesty, integrity, and science. The facts speak for themselves. When a politician says something that contradicts the scientist, I tend not to trust the politician. Politicians are not peer reviewed. When a politician treats a person poorly, or with no respect, that politician loses all respect from me.

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