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End of July

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/29/2020

So far in 2020, July has not been my favorite month. Covid roared back in America, and indeed, many places around the world. The political situation deteriorated to the point where I gave up. I actually unfriended people I was simply tired of arguing with.

I argue with people because I care, and when someone I care about is spouting dangerous ideas about how to stay safe, I try very hard to correct them. It, apparently, is now political to try to tell people how masks are effective in holding back a person's droplets, slowing the spread from the wearer to the adjacent people.

I am from Minnesota. The idea that a person exhales moisture is easy to demonstrate in winter.

So yes, I let it infect my blog. Sorry.

The Rainbow Deck is now available for purchase. I'll put the link below. The artwork is spectacular, and the blue suits turned out much better this time around.

Writing has been slow. But I am making progress. Endurance is now over 84,000 words. My goal of having a completed draft by this time was missed. However the good news is that I did hear news about my first submission. It has passed over the first hurdle. It is now being looked at by the people of the second step. I have an idea who that may be, but it doesn't really matter. My very first attempt was good enough to get there. At this point, I am hopeful that the rejection letter will be specific enough that I can improve the manuscript. I've always known that it was far more likely that I would get a rejection, than getting my very first submission published. In fact, that's one of the reasons I started working on Endurance. While that story is in the same universe, and uses several characters seen in previous works, it will serve as a secondary entry point to my work.

In the future, my aim is to write three or four books in a connected series, then write a new series in the same universe. That way, someone will be able to have multiple choices for entering my worlds.

You might get to know a character very well, then go back and catch the book that introduces her. If I do my job right, you will still be surprised, delighted, and entertained. That's all I really want to do. Entertain people. Tell good stories.

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