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June Already?

by Dennis M. Myers, 06/10/2020

It's been a strange stretch of time for everyone, I think. Not any less so for me. I don't want to get into politics or protests, they speak for themselves. Except that I'll say I believe everyone should be treated equally under the law. It's one of the founding principles of our nation. An ideal we have never lived up to.

I've passed the 75,000 word mark on my latest project and have a clear path ahead. I just need to keep filling in the missing scenes, and I think it's going to turn out nicely. First draft, anyway.

My uncle is set to leave shortly, so my wife and I decided to go ahead with our plans to buy a new, smaller vehicle. Instead of using the minivan as a trade in, we are giving it to him. It will give him a higher capacity, newer vehicle that is in far better shape than the one he drove here.

My third great niece was born a few days ago (as of this writing). My brother didn't live to see any of his granddaughters. It makes me a little sad, but so happy that he's left such a wonderful legacy. Naturally I slapped her first name on one of my characters.

I am still awaiting word from this year's crop of submissions. Waiting is the part that isn't nearly as fun as anything else about writing. Even editing is easier to deal with. Still, I am gainfully employed, and I am not hating the new job. I just have seen so few of their faces because we are all working from home, and this group never turns on the video. I tried it once. Not a nibble. Maybe I frightened them off... my hair is just about ready for a ponytail, and the winter beard didn't get shaved off this year.

Sometimes I think I was a little premature in setting up this blog. I keep running out of things to write about, and since I've only gotten the one short story published, I don't have a real fan base, yet. I have had zero people actually log in and download a free copy of that story. I'll keep posting, though. Out here. Alone in the dark. Because I can still be the lone candle, guiding others. At least, that's how I see it.

Stay safe. Be heard. Stand up for what is right. Stay safe.

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