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by Dennis M. Myers, 05/20/2020

Earlier this year my favorite rock band released their most recent creation. The new CD is called Conqueror. Before this one was released, each succeeding album was harder than the last. World Domination is very near head-banging music. Some of which was difficult for me to listen to. Don't get me wrong, I love their music, but I still play their previous release more often. Just Bring It is etched into my heart. Conqueror is a departure from everything they had done previously. Edgier, softer, harder, they said they wanted the effect to be "turbulence" and they succeeded quite well.

The opening track is a slow ballad called "Page" that I am in love with. It makes my heart cry out with joy. There are a lot of really great songs on it, and I have it playing in my car all the time, along with Just Bring It, Brand New Maid, and New Beginnings. (My wife has claimed the other two slots for the Eagles and a CD I bought her from Gray Rinehart called Distorted Vision.)

Several of the tracks already had videos before the release, and more came after. Glory, Endless Story, Bubble, The Dragon Cries, Blooming, and Rinne (Reincarnation). Glory and Rinne are very fast, the rest are less so, and Endless Story is a gentle breeze that sounds incredible in an auditorium. If you were to go to YouTube and watch all of them, you will be amazed at the wide variety of sounds. And that's hardly all they have.

Anyway, I just thought I would give them another shout out, since they have been doing live streams for their fans. I look forward to their next new song.

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