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For What It's Worth

by Dennis M. Myers, 02/8/2020

I'm old, now. So what I believed as a child is more of an embarrassing historical footnote than anything else. In this post, I decided I would put some work into laying out my current beliefs and thoughts. Not as someone trying to tell others how to live, but as a place for me to look when I feel I need to get my own head straight. What this is is what I believe, and how I want to act, not how I always act. Right up front I can tell you there are topics which bring out my anger very rapidly. I lose my compassionate outlook. I'll refrain from bringing those things up.

I believe that if you approach life with love and compassion, you feel better, and the people around you feel better. I have worked at the ability to not be annoyed by what other people do. For example, if someone mentions their political belief to me, I can just accept it and move on. Your position is yours. Not mine. Just don't try getting me to join your side. Therein lies the rub. In today's political climate, I am very likely to react in a loud, negative manner if you attempt to recruit me to your cause, and it is one I find noxious. I am working on this, but I'm not perfect.

I believe that the government shouldn't be as involved in marriage as it is today. Why are we still asking the government for permission to marry? This is the most deeply personal thing between people there is. In my opinion, government oversight should start and stop with the phrase "consenting adults". Beyond that, the government should have no say at all.

I believe the scientists when they show their data concerning climate change. I do not trust politicians, and when they make statements against the scientists, it worries me. We are changing the climate. I wish we would stop. I liked it the way it was. But there is a lot of money to be made by digging something out of the ground that is then burned, so the consumer always needs more. It is a terrible truth that humans are short sighted. We tend to only take action in response to something bad happening.

Seat belts were not required because the automakers thought they would make people think their cars were unsafe. But dead bodies kept piling up, and now they are mandatory. We didn't have speed limits, until people driving too fast for road conditions kept having avoidable accidents. I believe climate change is the same. We won't actually fix the problem until enough people have died. It's something our great-grandchildren will have to do. Poor folks. Sorry.

I believe that a nation that spends more than half of its annual income on the military is either preparing for war, or been enslaved by a military industrial complex that is out of control. Seriously, we have over three thousand tanks sitting in the desert and are still making them. We have more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined. We have enough nuclear firepower to destroy the entire planet multiple times.

Why are we so afraid?

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