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by Dennis M. Myers, 01/30/2020

This year I will be appearing at MystiCon in Roanoke, Virginia as a guest. It's been a while since I have actually appeared at a convention as a guest, and this is the first time as a science fiction author, not running a role-playing game. That didn't keep me from joining the panel on Introduction to Roleplaying at 6:00pm on Friday. I suppose I am hoping to run into an old Traveller player or two so I can say my signature line, "I got Margaret pregnant."

Saturday at 10am, I'll be in Ballroom C for Myth & Fiction, a fun discussion of mythic story arcs and their place in modern fiction. I've studied Campbell's mythic journey, and love Volger's book The Writer's Journey. I highly recommend it if you are a writer. Put simply, it's a big toolbox for authors, complete with examples of how to use each tool.

At 11am in the same place, I'm on the panel asking How much Science is there in Sci-Fi? This should be a fun discussion, because most science fiction extrapolates from current science and perhaps adds something that may or may not be theoretically possible. Then there is Star Wars.

Immediately after this, I'll be taking any of my fans to lunch. Location to be decided at the last minute. If you have a preferred restaurant, leave it in the comments below, or save it until the last possible minute when we are deciding.

On Sunday I'll be in Ballroom D at 9:00am for the Devil's in the Details discussion. This is going to be a brainstorming discussion about using mindless details and minor hooks to invigorate your plots. This is going to be fun, funny, and useful for writers of all genres. It may be a little frightening for fans, seeing how authors really think. Often very disturbing.

I'll next be hustling over to the Vista room to join the Grumpy Old Geeks... complainathon? I don't know. It sounded like it would be fun, and I certainly qualify as both old, and a geek. I might not be quite grumpy enough, but I am certain I can manage.

EDIT: I changed the date from 1/10/2020 to put this back on the front page.

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