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Happy 2020

by Dennis M. Myers, 01/1/2020

I've closed out the word count spreadsheet for last year. Only 105,048 words. Down from the previous year, but I spent more of 2019 employed, so I feel like it isn't terrible.

This year I will work toward getting into a rhythm of writing. A wrythm, if you will. One of the reasons I keep a running total of my word counts is to hold myself accountable. I can see at a glance how I am doing. I can spot dry spells by the blanks on the spreadsheet. I can also see the spurts where my numbers run high.

In 2020 I have a few goals. Precipice is nearly ready for beta readers, and Endurance is about half done. After Endurance, I'll probably head back to the main series and write the rest of Broken Trust and Stolen Dreams. Now that I have a clear picture of what those are, I am looking forward to discovering the parts I don't know.

I think I should also do some work on a short story or two. Give you more free content to download. No one has yet logged in to download the copy of Applesauce Pancakes, but that's alright. I am just starting this adventure.

On a personal note, my uncle has come to stay with us for a while. He's been my mother's caretaker for a couple of decades, and she is now in a nursing home in Arizona. It meant he also lost the house they had been living in and needed somewhere to go. May and I are giving him a place to collect his thoughts and figure things out. He's an artist. See the link to his gallery below. He's also an avid Trekkie, but hadn't had access to the streaming services, so today he's catching up on the latest Star Trek series.

My current contract position runs until the end of April, after which I'll need to find another place to work. Until then, I am enjoying the work I am doing. I am grateful for that. My last position ended abruptly in an unexpected layoff. I was lucky to be in the first wave, as we were given severance. Those who were cut later did not. I suppose the good news is that the contract I landed, while brief, is at the highest rate I've ever been paid. Kind of a good news, bad news thing. I would gladly take a modest pay cut to have PTO and no end date. We'll see what turns up in the spring.