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The Crepes of Wrath: A Sourdough Saga Story

by Dennis M. Myers, 11/23/2019

I have been running behind in using all that excess starter I keep saving in the fridge. I decided I wanted to use some, and found a recipe for crepes. For the price of three eggs and a few minor ingredients, I was able to expand my knowledge of cooking.

The instructions provided a list of ingredients, and told me to mix them together. Seemed simple enough. So I beat the crap out of those three eggs, then poured in my melted butter.

If you already know what happened, congratulations. If not, I'll give you a hint. The eggs were raw. The melted butter was hot. Suddenly I had little chunks of cooked egg floating in my batter, and I hadn't even mixed in the starter. After realizing my mistake, and considering a do over, I decided to continue on. Remember, I am doing this in large part because I have a character doing it in the book I am writing. The mistake added a bit of realistic frustration to the story.

The upshot is that I ended up with nine wonderful crepes. I rolled two of them around freshly cooked sausages for lunch, then put one scrambled egg inside each of four others to put into the freezer. That left three. I mashed up a banana and split it into two, adding a little smear of peanut butter. That gave me two delicious snacks.

So, what happened to that last crepe? I swear it wasn't my fault. Damned thing dove into the butter, grabbing a smooth coat, then stuffed itself with peanut butter just before it jammed itself down my throat. Full disclosure, the two snacks didn't survive the afternoon. The only survivors were the four in cold sleep.

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