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Adventures of Driving with an Active Brain

by Dennis M. Myers, 08/26/2019

With the first two books mostly written, and the third book well in hand, the Rise of the Automated Empire is on a writing holiday while I wait to see if the first novel sells. If it does not, I would much rather rewrite it from scratch in order to do all the groundwork introducing the characters and the situation. The second book follows too closely for it to be the lead in. Sorry.

I have started writing Endurance, my first contact story that is set well after the first series is completed. It's not coming along as quickly as I would like. But it is coming along. I am making sure I have the science right. That takes a little time. I hadn't been thinking much of that first series.

So tonight my wife calls, as she usually does, and she wants me to pick her up at a bus stop half way between home and where she works downtown. She does this every once in a while to save me the drive all the way downtown. Such a sweetheart.

I start out just fine, and turn on my music. It's Band-Maid, of course. World Domination on random play. It starts off with Daydreaming, a wonderful love ballad. I hit the highway and I am feeling great by the time the heavy metal kicks in.

I had a sudden realization about an event that I hadn't considered, and my mind hits overdrive. Awesome thought after amazing idea starts coming into my head like a creative flood. By the time I got downtown I have a whole new outline for the fourth book in my head. Remember where my wife was? Yeah. So I turned around and went half way back in the other direction, missed another turn off, wrapped around and finally got to my wife.

She forgave me. She wanted to go shopping, so we went to Costco and she parked me on a couch. I took out my phone, and spent the better part of an hour writing all the details into a bullet point list. (Is this a good place to mention how much I love my wife? She parked me so that I could write while she pushed the cart around and shopped. Not because I asked, but just because that's who she is.)

Anyway, now I'm excited. I finally know what the fourth book is going to be, and it's so much better than I thought it was. Now I just need to find the new name. I can't call it Baron of Mars, anymore. That story was very "Darren at Red Dragon" centric. Not going to happen that way. Nope. Once I had all the parts laid out, Darren doesn't get the spotlight just then. Too much of a stretch. But that's okay. What I ended up with is much, much better.

EDIT: The new title is Stolen Dreams.

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