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Musical Interlude

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/20/2019

In 2017, after two of my all-time favorite bands each released stunningly mediocre albums, I had pretty much given up on new music. I'm an old 80's kind of guy. I like rock and roll. Sometimes hard, sometimes a bit mellow. I never took to rap music. Same with the kind of heavy metal that's all screaming. To me, the voice is a musical instrument. It does melody, harmony, and I don't really like it as much for percussion.

A little Japanese noodle shop opened up right near the grocery store we usually hit. May and I have been there a few times. They play J-Pop music videos on one screen up in the corner. I think of it as candy music. Sweet and tasty, but not a lot of nutrition. Pretty girls in costumes, not a musician in sight. Most of them are put together by business people. If you are cute and can dance, you're good enough.

So one weekend, May is at work, and I find myself browsing YouTube. I watch a lot of science videos for research. Taking a break, I search for J-Pop, and find quite a selection. But all that candy is a bit too much after a while, and it's really all the same.

Then I saw a recommended tag pop up. J-Rock. Japanese Rock? I wondered if it would be different. I hit it, and found BabyMetal, first thing. Three little girls in costume with a band hidden in back. It was okay, I suppose.

Then I saw a thumbnail that I thought was going to be similar. Black and white, five girls, in maid costumes. I laughed to myself. I tell you, I nearly just skipped by. I think I just clicked on it because I was bored.

The song was Thrill by Band-Maid. I don't know what I expected, but what I got was a forceful thump of good old rock and roll. I spent the rest of that afternoon watching every Band-Maid video I could find. They have a phenomenal range. One song doesn't sound much like any other song, except it's good. The skill these ladies have is amazing. While I can't understand a word they say, I enjoy the music so much it just doesn't matter.

It didn't take long before they became my current favorite band.

Pop on by my channel, and look at the list I've gathered. They have a lot of live performances online.

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