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Time to Begin Again

by Dennis M. Myers, 10/5/2022

So much is happening in the world right now. I have so many thoughts and feelings. So many things to write about. The war in Ukraine comes to mind first. As I write this, Ukraine is taking back land in what the media refers to as the south and the east. After pushing Russia out of most of Kharkiv (har-keev), they drove them out of a key city in Donetsk and then pushed into Luhansk. All the excitement made people wonder if their strategy in Kherson (herse-on) was just to pin down 25,000 of Russia's finest. We now have the answer. Pin down, and let starve, then push them off the land. We shall see how far that goes.

Full disclosure, I am a cold warrior. Russia has always been the bad guy. Boris Yeltsin is the only Russian leader that made me think it might be otherwise. Poor sap.

By the way, for both Kharkiv and Kherson, those "kh" combinations sound like very wet H's. Like you are clearing your throat. But I digress.

My favorite sources for information come from two US Ex military guys, and a Ukrainian pilot with a nice first name. I'll put their links below. I also follow a guy named Operator Starsky. He doesn't give tactical updates, but he seems like the kind of guy I want to know in real life.

Abruptly changing the subject, tomorrow I am headed to the office for a full day of work for the first time in a couple of years. Point of note, I've never actually done that with this new job, which I have had since shortly after the first lockdown. I am scrambling to find a decent shirt that still fits, packing a lunch because I have no idea what the food situation is like there, and wondering if I should use some hair gel to help manage my now very long hair. Long and gray. How did it get so gray?

GrAy is the American spelling, by the way. In England, it's GrEy. Of course up in canada, it's GrEHy.

I grew up in Minnesota. Canada jokes are a thing. That and Iowa.

I am on page 267 of the current 450 pages of Murder on a Monochrome World. I fully intend to cut out a bit at the end and shape it up into a more resounding ending, so I am well over half way done with the rewrites. It's been a hard slog, but I am getting there.

Later this month I am taking a week off to go up and visit my daughter in Pennsylvania, and her soon-to-be-husband and I will be attending the Band-Maid concert in Philadelphia. I am bringing my earplugs for what I feel will be the last concert I ever attend. My ears are not really up to it, but it's Band-Maid. I have to go at least once.

For anyone still reading these things, thank you. I appreciate your support. (Especially YOU!)

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