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The New Normal

by Dennis M. Myers, 05/25/2022

May and I recently traveled to Minnesota for a family gathering. We were there to memorialize a recently passed cousin of mine. While we were there it slowly dawned on me, I was one of the oldest people in the room. It had also been about a decade since the last time we were up there. So a lot of the faces I was seeing looked too old. Kids had grown, young adults were now middle aged with children of their own. There were several that I hadn't seen since far earlier. One young woman I hadn't seen since she was a toddler. A few I hadn't seen since I was a toddler.

We mostly avoided politics, although one overly zealous cousin wore a punisher style skull done in American flag colors with a golden toupe. If you know anything about me, you know I was biting my tongue the whole time. I didn't feel it was appropriate to bring politics there. Too many opposing views and too much anger to make for good conversation among family.

There was far too much time to really catch everything up, but it was nice to spend some time with family. I didn't want to do any serious writing, so I added a thousand words to a comedy story I am working on. No pressure on that one. It will be done when it's done.

I am still working on rewrites for the first Red Ice novel. It's slow going, but steady progress. I am about a third of the way done. The first Rise of the Automated Empire book is back in editing as well. Minor progress there. Things look hopeful.

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