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RavenCon Ramifications

by Dennis M. Myers, 05/1/2022

I have just arrived home from the long awaited RavenCon, which is now in my neck of the woods. From now on, this is my home con.

Michael Pederson put together a decent convention in the face of far too many hardships over the last few years. Not to get into details, but the vast majority of people would have folded under the pressure. I heartily applaud his efforts.

Looking back I recall my trepidation at attending, and indeed, I managed to infodump my sadness upon Gay Rinehart before I could hold my tongue. The man is an angel, though. Instead of placating me with platitudes he shared his own struggle. I felt less alone. He said he was writing again. This gave me hope. My own productivity has been abysmal.

I spent time with Wayland Smith and Stuart Jaffe. I began to feel welcomed, and at home. They are both authors I admire, and I value their friendship.

John Hartness was there in all his glory. Shorter hair of a different color, but the smile and commanding presence were awe inspiring.

I also spent a lot of time with Patrick Dugan. He and I have a lot in common. We are both software developers, authors, and married to wonderful, amazing women. Hope and Patrick are supportive, generous, and kind people. I value our friendship and look forward to celebrating your successes in the future.

If you have ever wondered what the value of a science fiction convention is to an author, let me tell you what this one did for me. After a brutal year in life, where I was doubting my goals, abilities, and even my worth, I came away reenergized, hopeful, and with not only a clear set of goals, but a funny story idea to boot.

I met new friends, reconnected with others, and from right here, the bright future I once believed in has begun to shine through the clouds again.

The to do list for the week is to write out everything in my head for the new story and set it aside to ferment, then jump back into my most recent novel and complete the rewrites.

If you are reading this, I appreciate your time. Check back from time to time for updates, or join my Facebook group linked below.

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