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by Dennis M. Myers, 01/2/2022

On January 1st, I wrote. Today, I wrote more than yesterday. It's progress.

After my last blog post (posted originally back in May and reposted later), my mother did pass away. 16 weeks later, my Dad followed her, and 8 weeks after that, we lost my cousin. He had been my best friend in high school.

It felt like the world was coming apart. Like my family was dissolving. Covid-19 has taken at least six people from my family. These last three hit me the hardest. So when you see me arguing with people about getting their shots, just know that it comes from a place of pain and loss. Get your shots, and wear a mask in crowds. We could have beaten this thing last year, but the propaganda won the war. We are heading back into a major spike. The only good news is that the latest variant doesn't appear to be quite as lethal. But my first convention appearance for the year, MystiCon, has already been canceled.

At this point, I am rewriting the first Red Ice novel, Murder on a Monochrome World. I hired a critique partner who helped me see what needed to be done. I wish I could tell people when I will be done, but I only now started writing again. So no promises. Just that I'll continue.

I hope everyone has a much better year in 2022 than we had in 2021.

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