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Autumn has Fallen Upon Us

by Dennis M. Myers, 09/28/2021

I've made some minor improvements to this website, and so it will look better, going forward. I was considering a bit of rebranding, since I am currently working on a series that takes place long before the Automated Empire comes into being, but I decided against it. It's the same universe.

Speaking of which, I am nearing completion of the first draft of the second book of the series. I am also starting to look back into the first book for rewrites. I think this series is my best work so far, so a good place for me to get started. Rise of the Automated Empire is where I want to head when the first Red Ice novel is back on submission. The Red Ice books follow a single protagonist, where the RAE books follow multiple points of view, all entwined around a huge story over four novels. Forgive me if it takes a little while to get the mix right.

I have also started looking at a short story concept I have. I am considering expanding it, polishing it, and entering it into a contest. Might be interesting. It's a story about Brenna Dotseth after she's transferred from the Pang Yu to the secret engine development facility on Europa, and takes place during the war that happens in Stolen Dreams, the planned fourth novel of RAE.

Brenna is one of my favorite characters. First appearing in Final Assembly as an ensign newly reported to the ship, busy qualifying for her first watch station, I have made references in other stories to her being the first Admiral of the Allied Defence Force, and the youngest to ever hold that title. In one of my stories, I plopped a 500 year old statue of her in a little garden on a distant colony, (I call that one Legend of Akushu and it's set well after the Empire is an actual Empire.) So she has a good long career that I do hope to write more about in the future.

Hope you who are reading this are doing well. Or maybe I am being optimistic using the plural. Hey you, thanks for your time!

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