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Slowness of Summer

by Dennis M. Myers, 08/30/2021

I've spent a lot of time on yard tasks, staining my deck, painting and such. It's been slow going on Red Ice 2. Covid coming back to near top strength even though we have a vaccine makes me angry. We should have been clear of this by now. I've lost two cousins, and aunt, and my mother. How many more people will we lose? I don't even want to argue about it. At this rate, Darwin is grinning in his grave.

So I decided against handling an epidemic in my stories, mainly because I couldn't imagine the stupidity involved. No wait, that's not true. I wanted to write it smartly, but that means everyone got vaccinated swiftly, and let the disease just die. Not an interesting story. Much more fun to raid a secret underground base on the moon. Yes, much more fun. Now, I and filling in the defenses, and figuring out what the heroes have. Last step is the mash them together and see how it works out.

I hope you are doing well, and are staying safe. Eventually we will do to this thing what we did to polio and smallpox. I hope.

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