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by Dennis M. Myers, 08/8/2021

My last post was written with the idea that I could prime the pump, so to speak. It worked. I had a highly productive weekend, followed by a moderately productive week. So I am going at it again.

When May woke me up this morning she said she had a story to tell be at 4am. This confused me, but since I hadn't had any coffee and was just waking up, I figured I was just in my morning fog, and needed to clear my head. Once I was done with my routine and safely within reach of coffee, may told me her 4am story. She said she had heard someone trying to open the bedroom door last night, and it woke her up. Then, she heard a thump under the bed, and another rattle at the door, so she got up and investigated. She found the back door locked, no dogs were around (My daughter and her sister are both here this weekend, each with their own). So she made the obligatory trip to the bathroom, only to find the water was running in the sink. She is now convinced that my mother, whose ashes are here, sitting on a shelf, woke her up last night to shut off the water.

"Did you ask her for lottery numbers?" I asked.

She looked stricken. "Noooo!"

We both laughed. It's common for Thai people to attribute winning the lottery to a family ghost giving them the numbers.

Anyway, Miku and Vasu have just found an ally in their current struggle. He will help turn the tide, but there are more people to save, and a huge mess to clean up. Dark Side of the Month is at about 47,000 words. This would be the midpoint, I think. I know where the final battle will be, and I already have some of the players on the board. I just need to wrap this one up, then get them planning the next move. That, and dealing with a broken Moose. Sad, but it's an important piece of the puzzle.

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