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I Hate to Say it...

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/31/2021

I have written only a couple thousand words over the last two months. I can feel the lack of momentum, the dearth of inspiration. A lot of it has to do with the realization early on that I wasn't going to be able to put a professionally published book with my name on it into my mother's hands. As the end drew near, I realized how much I wanted to do that, and how impossible that had become. As expected, she did finally pass away in early July.

It's not that this was my entire reason for writing. I remember wanting to do the same for my grandmother. That opportunity passed long before I finally sat down and took it seriously. But now I am left with writing for the sake of writing. The idea of becoming wealthy was never a factor, or course. I had found out decades back how little most authors make. So it's always been about telling stories. I've crafted a universe for myself to play in, and have already carved out places where I will invite other authors to join in. Once I am published, at any rate.

I am writing this blog entry with the thought in mind that I am priming the pump. Gaming momentum, and getting back into tye habit of putting my thoughts into words. I am also having thoughts of the games I've put on hold. Not the ones I play, but the games I have wanted to create. I may try my hand at those again, soon. I have even developed some ideas on tie-in games for my Automated Empire universe.

I completed two new bookcases for our livingroom, and dyed the blinds for the sliding glass door dark gray. It all looks very nice. I even finally managed to dig out the last splinter from the build. That was painful, but necessary. I still have stain on my hands, and oddly enough, my left side big toe. Wearing flip-flops while staining. Comfortable, but it will leave evidence.

I am cooking up more for my possible entry into the monster hunting universe, Holly Olson. Working out a complex, humorous way to kill monsters. I am also working out the events I call the Battle of Saint Johns. It's a pivotal battle on the moon during the second book of the Red Ice series. That one is about half way done, and is my primary focus right now.

Once I am done with that, I'll either give Endurance a rewrite, or go into Broken Trust, book 3 of the Rise of the Automated Empire series. I haven't decided. I have yet to hear back from publishers, but that's mostly good news. Mostly. Rejections come much more quickly than acceptances. I remain cautiously optimistic. I am already quite certain the worst I'll get from one publisher is a detailed report as to why the book was rejected, which should be of enormous help going forward.

I hope anyone reading this is having a good day, and that you will enjoy good fortune. If you are not reading this, what is there to say?

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