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Sourdough Saga, Episode II: Yeast Side Story

by Dennis M. Myers, 11/9/2019

I had been reading articles about how to not waste the extra sourdough starter that is created with everyday feedings. I smiled to myself when I found the recipe for sourdough pancakes. I rarely have time in the evenings to do much more than feed the starter, so I saved a couple of days worth of excess in the refrigerator, and then used it to make pancakes after May had gone to bed. I placed the stack in a container in the refrigerator with a little note on it for her. She woke me the next morning with a big hug. She was quite happy that I had made her pancakes for breakfast.... [More]

Sourdough Saga, Episode I: The Lactobacillus Awakens

by Dennis M. Myers, 11/3/2019

Several things came together recently and sparked an idea. I had a character attempting to establish a restaurant on a newly placed orbital outpost over an alien world. I had read a few things about the evils of processed foods. I watched Mortal Engines and cringed when they ate an ancient "twinkie" that never goes bad. Sorry, that probably doesn't fit here, but I wanted to reconcile my desire to reduce processed foods while indulging my love of bread.

The solution I came up with was to make my own bread. And not only would it be bread, it would be sourdough brea... [More]

Book Review: Marque of Caine by Charles E. Gannon

by Dennis M. Myers, 11/1/2019

I started reading the Caine Riordan series a few years ago. The first book was Fire with Fire, published in 2013. Set in the not too distant future, it's the story of mankind's first steps among the stars, and the civilizations that are already out there waiting for us.

Of course, it doesn't work out as well as one might hope. The next book in the series was Trial by Fire in 2014, and then Raising Caine in 2015. There is war, betrayal, failure, and success. There are losses and victories.

By this time I was hooked. Gannon gives ... [More]