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23 YouTube Channels I Learn From (19, 18, 17, 16)

by Dennis M. Myers, 06/30/2021

19) Diane Callahan - Quotidian Writer - A developmental editor dedicated to providing practical tips for aspiring authors and encouraging discussion about the literary arts.

18) PBS Space Time - Dr. Matt O'Dowd explains some of the most complicated ideas in science today. This one isn't for the feint of heart, but it's a treasure trove of information I have found invaluable. Highly Recommended.

17) Curious Droid - Paul Shillito from Essex in the U.K. covers a boatload of hard science topics, and incredible shirts. I mean seriously, this guy's wardrobe is to die for.

16) SciShow Space - Space related science topics, a buffet for a science fiction author and enthusiast like me. Highly Recommended.

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