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Automated Pride

by Dennis M. Myers, 06/2/2021

In the future I depict, what gender you are attracted to only matters when considering someone to date. In every other way, it is a non-issue. Being non-binary, same thing. I did have a bit of a problem depicting transgender characters, simply because corrective surgery can be performed as soon as the condition is detected. The result is that a trans man is just a man in absolutely every respect. So how do I casually mention it in conversation when bullets are flying and people are arguing with each other? I don't know, but I promise you, someday I'll figure it out. Just know that in my future, being trans is easily fixed, and is a non issue, like being gay, or even asexual.

I have several gay or lesbian characters in my books. I didn't plan it that way. I just included characters like those of my family and friends, and it's how it worked out. So to all who care, I believe that love is love, and everyone deserves equity.

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