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The End is Nigh!

by Dennis M. Myers, 09/16/2020

August is coming to a close. I've made some progress on my current work in progress, but not as much as I had hoped. One of the effects of the Covid pandemic is that I work from home, and while that may seem convenient, what happens is that I spend eight hours in the same chair at the same desk, then when it's over, if I am to write, I must stay at that same desk, in that same chair.

Long story short, it's been harder than I had anticipated. And since I seem to be locked into a morning routine (imagine me rolling my eyes at that admission)... nevermind. I am making progress, even if it is a bit slow.

So here I am, having just completed my eight hours of work so that my paycheck continues to arrive, and I am writing a blog complaining about doing exactly what I am doing. I feel like there's a hole in the metaverse and from just on the other side I can hear laughter. Not the kind, gentle laughter of friends having a good time, but the hard to contain laughter of someone watching a guy hurt himself in an unusually funny way. You want to cringe, but damn, that's funny.

This month I've started a new woodworking project. I got it in my head to create a nice backdrop in my office for those all important video interviews I expect to be doing, once I become famous. Yeah, I know. Still, I've been wanting a new set of bookcases for a while. I am building a set of three. Two taller, narrower ones to go on either side of a shorter, wider case. The middle one will also be a few inches deeper, too. Of course, I'll be adding a bunch of LED lights and a charging station to them.

I made my plans and ordered the wood and supplies I needed. Some of it has arrived already. I'll save the images for later, when I actually start construction. I am looking forward to the final product.

May and I recently completed our journey with the Avatar, wrapping up the four seasons of Legend of Korra. This waterbender is very different from Aang, and the changes in the world make for an entirely new and refreshing epic. There were the wonderful touches of characters from the previous show appearing as much older versions of themselves to look forward to. Seeing the familiar scar on the old fire bender made me smile. The story of Toph's daughters was heartbreaking and yet perfect.

If you haven't watched either of the Avatar shows, Netflix has them both, right now. They are worth watching, in my opinion.

I've also been watching the new Star Trek animates series, Lower Decks. Yes, I have CBS All Access, and yes, I paid for the commercial free service. Discovery alone was worth it, in my opinion. Then they gave us Short Treks, Picard, and now Lower Decks, with Strange New Worlds in the works as well. So yeah, I support that. All of it.

Lower Decks is meant to be funny, and it often is. Enough to make me laugh and look forward to the next episode. I'll let the rabble argue about how "canon" it is. I simply don't care. And when Lower Decks is done, Discovery season three is next. The Pandemic has slowed other production, but Discovery was nearly complete before everything shut down.

Speaking of the pandemic, I hope everyone out there is doing their best to stay safe, and to help prevent the spread of this disease. As we rapidly close in on two hundred thousand dead Americans, and world wide the death toll is heading for the million person mark, it is important to remember to be kind. To be generous, and to care about others, whoever they are.

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