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And Now it's July

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/1/2020

It's still been a strange stretch of time. I still don't want to get into politics or protests, they speak for themselves. Except that I'll say I believe everyone should be treated equally under the law. It's one of the founding principles of our nation. An ideal we have never lived up to.

I've passed the 82,000 word mark on the first draft of Endurance. Took some time off as we packed up my uncle and switched him into the minivan. He thinks it's like driving a luxury vehicle. After he was gone I found he had left me a set of computer speakers which included a decent sized subwoofer. Band-Maid sounds excellent on them.

I am still awaiting word from this year's crop of submissions. Waiting is the part that isn't nearly as fun as anything else about writing. Even editing is easier to deal with. Still, I am gainfully employed, and I am not hating the new job. I just have seen so few of their faces because we are all working from home, and this group never turns on the video. I tried it once. Not a nibble. Maybe I frightened them off... my hair is just about ready for a ponytail, and the winter beard didn't get shaved off this year. This entire paragraph up until this sentence was from the last update. Did you notice? Ponytail test number one found the sides are not quite long enough, yet.

I bought a new webcam and suddenly find the need to clean up my office. Too much detail. I intend to make a demo video for the new Rainbow Deck. We'll see how my editing skills develop.

I'll be off work on the 3rd of July and my daughter is bringing her new guy home fr the weekend. Should be interesting. I've met him before. Nice guy.

Stay safe. Be heard. Stand up for what is right. Stay safe.

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