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Rise of the Automated Empire

by Dennis M. Myers, 05/5/2021

I am hard at work on writing a series of science fiction novels. The first of this series, Final Assembly, is already in the hands of the test readers. Precipice, the second installment, is being edited. I have one more plot thread to flesh out, then it will be ready too.

Initially I wrote one story. I wanted to submit to Baen, and they were asking for 100,000 words minimum. So I kept adding to it until I hit that goal. Then I did the smart thing, and hired an editor. While she loved the work, she pointed to the 60% mark, where everything changes.

"That", said Persephone, "is the end of the first book. The rest is a whole new one."

I cut the one book into two. Of course, by this time I had already started on Broken Trust, and so that is now the third book, and the last book, Baron of Mars, will be book number four. That's not even mentioning a story idea that came to me using some of the secondary characters in an unrelated epic... enter Endurance, which is NOT a part of this series, but could represent a whole new one. Initially I thought this would be a one-off story. Then I wrote a tag scene, and the Mormon Catholics showed up. Suddenly I have this whole conflict brewing in my head. And that, my friends, is how I come up with a new story.

Yes, I am working on it.

This website is a place where I can easily post updates, and background material for people who actually like what I have written. It is currently under development, so please excuse the mess. Being a software developer, and already having my own server, I would rather create my own website. When I have free time and sit down at my computer, I want to write, not work on a website. I'm sure you can see the problem.

Never fear. I'll get it done soon. I am going to be published in the near future, and this will be the website for my blog, with links to my work.

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