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The Rainbow Deck (Gibson Edition)

by Dennis M. Myers, 06/29/2020

I've previously posted about the six suited poker deck I created for use in my stories. The idea is that in a thousand years, the deck has changes a little bit. Looking at history, it's perfectly reasonable to think it might. I added two new suits, Cups and Swords in blue. THat makes the deck 50% larger than the 4 suited deck, and since that came with two jokers, I decoded to switch that up a bit too. I have one Joker in Black, a Wizard in Red, and The Doctor in... you guessed it, she is Blue.

This changes the poker odds for hands, so I recalculated five card hands and included a card that lists the new ranking. I also ran a hundred million test hands to be absolutely sure of the six card rainbow hand rankings. That was boring as crap. BUT, also mildly exciting because the two new hands, the Fuller House (four of a kind plus a pair) and the Doublewide (two triples) were neck and next in early rounds. But after testing I can tell you, a Doublewide is the higher hand.

As a break from writing, I started working on making the actual cards. Okay, back up one bit, I first found a place where I could get my cards printed first. They supplied the templates, and then I made the deck. While I was doing this I needed art for the face cards. I tries a few things, but nothing really came to mind, and since I am not an artist in that way, I started looking for art that would work.

Years back I had been in preliminary talks with an artist named Bryan Gibson about putting together a graphic novel. Before we had made any definite agreement, he passed away. I still have a lot of his artwork that I had gathered. When I learned of his passing, I went hunting for all I could find. Fast forward to this moment I needed art, and you can guess what I did next. Wow, they look great.

Except, it's not MY art. So, I reached out to Bryan's daughter and discussed it with her. She was hesitant at first. She didn't know what her father would have wanted. After a bit of discussion, she agreed to let me use any of his art that was already out there. My heart did a backflip. I finalized my deck, made a crude box design, and ordered a deck. Now, to be honest, I've found two typos since I ordered my deck, so I really don't know which version I am getting. But the fixes are in for any future orders.

I'll take a little time to play with the deck, and be sure I like it, then I'll be putting it up for sale. Not for huge profits, but to get Bryan's art out there again, and to help draw attention to my stories. I am hoping to hear back later this year about my first novel, and I am working on another story now.

It is my intention, in the future, to carry a couple of these decks with me to conventions, and hand them to fans and friends, and potential publishers.

I've included the link to the deck below. Just give me time to be sure it's a good product before I release it for sale.