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by Dennis M. Myers, 04/24/2020

Friday was my last day on my contract. I have the next week off, then begin a new contract with a bank. They are in the midst of a merger, and that's familiar territory for me. This one should take me through to the end of the year, for which I am grateful. Being unemployed in the midst of the pandemic scared me.

I aim to make next week as productive as possible. I am nearly done with the light editing and reading of what I have so far for Endurance, and I'll jump in with both feet to get that project ready to go.

My wife was called back into her lab, and has been riding the bus in the morning downtown. She's already informed me that she wants some of my time next week. She wants me to drive her to work. Obviously I agreed. Not a problem at all.

My uncle, who is living with us right now, is growing impatient. He wants to go out and explore. But at 70 years old, that's a risk I would rather he not take. Obviously it's his choice. I'm not locking him in his room or anything.

My daughter posted recently about how she's grown closer to her students, and how the online format she's been teaching in makes everything more personal. In all, it's been a good experience for her. I am proud of her efforts. Teachers are so important, it boggles the mind that congress hasn't ensured state and local governments can continue funding them through this crisis.

Our region is hit hard by the annual pollen drop. The widespread planting of only male trees has created a huge problem, and while I am not normally an allergy sufferer, I do sneeze and cough a lot this time of year. This year, each cough brings with it a new flavor of concern. I check to see if I might have a fever. I worry I may have caught the you-know-what. I know it's in the neighborhood. A nearby retirement home was hit, and they lost over 40 people.

Because May works in a biotech lab, we already had a handy supply of masks, and she learned early on that we could clean and reuse them. This week we are upping our game, adding in nice new cloth masks. Hers is solid black, and mine, not yet arrived, is a bit more artistic. I'll post an image of us when mine arrives.

As America passes the 50,000 mark of those who have left us too early, I extend my heartfelt condolences to all who have lost someone. This pandemic is hard on most people, but there are some for which it is harder than others. I am extremely lucky that I am able to work from home, and that my wife works in a very small lab used to handling infectious biology. I am lucky that my uncle is here, safe. I am also lucky that people like you, are reading this, right now. I am hoping in the next few months to be able to announce some really great news. Or at least, some moderately exciting news.

Please stay safe.

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