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Exosolar Systems

by Dennis M. Myers, 03/14/2020

Why is tacking "exo" onto everything so common these days? Is everything not in our own star system going to be called an exosomething? We already have exoplanets, exomoons, and now exosolar systems. What's next? Exoasteroids? Exorocks? Exometals like exoiron and exogold? Will we find exobiology exoabundant or exoscarce? Are we going to really call them exosapients? Or maybe Exoaliens! Will people born outside of the solar system be referred to as exohumans? Will one day, Exohumanity outnumber plain old humanity?

I think it's getting to be exosilly, personally.

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One Comment

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 10:24 AM
Perhaps these should be considered Exocomments...

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