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Mysticon 2020 Review

by Dennis M. Myers, 03/4/2020

As I sit to start this entry I've just come from my first book purchase. But let me start at the beginning.

Upon walking in I met Michael Pederson of RavenCon who was talking about that convention moving back to Richmond. That makes me quite happy. We need a good convention like that one in our city.

I was able to speak with James Nettles (McDonald) and Patrick Dugan for a while. I believe I have a lot to learn from them about both being an author, and being published. And I met John Watts of Independence Games. He and I were about to be on a panel together, and we share a connection through Traveller.

My first panel was Introduction to Roleplaying. It was a bit nostalgic for me, sine it has been so long since I've been involved, but it reminded me of how muchy my experience as a referee for Traveller campaigns has helped me to create te worlds and characters fr my stories. It's given me a toolkit filled with non-player characters I can drop in when I need, and expand where I must.

It was a fun panel.

After it was over it was time to eat. I ended up walking alone into the hotel restaurant. As I walked by a table with several people, Wayland Smith motioned me to join them. I had seen him around, but had no idea who he was. However the other guests at the table included Melissa McCarthy, Darin Kennedy, and John Hartness of Falstaff Books. Naturally, these were people I wanted to talk to and get to know.

I said it to him later, and I'll say it again in print, there wasn't another table in the place I would have rather been at. Thank you Wayland.

The food was hit and mostly miss. There doesn't seem to have been any forethought put into what kind of crowd they should expect, so it appeared there was only one vastly overstretched waiter serving the entire place. This led to long delays. Coupled with some of the less fortunate dinner offerings, it wasn't the greatest experience. But I did get to see what kind of people I was sitting with. There was an intense and joyous episode of some of the strangest creative dialog going on that it can scarcely be described. During the conversation, John spoke a bit about things that he had put into one of his books. It made me laugh, so I told him that the next time I walked by his table, if he shoved a copy into my hands, I would buy it.

Not missing a beat, John proclaimed that the book was Season Two, so I would have to buy Season One and read it first.

That brings me back to my book purchase. Bubba The Monster Hunter Season 1 and 2 are now sitting next to me. Thank you John. I promise to put them fairly close to the top of my reading pile.

The other purchase tonight was conomicon.com. The idea is an exchange of eatery recommendations and warnings for people who go to conventions, written by the same people.

Saturday went by so quickly I didn't have time to write about it until I was too tired to operate a keyboard. My first panel was a lively discussion on Myth in Fiction. I ended up being very outclassed by people much more knowledgeable about ancient mythology. It made me think about one of my books, and how I need to create a mythology for an alien species. That's going to be fun.