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Political Post (Not)

by Dennis M. Myers, 01/25/2020

One of the reasons these blog posts are coming few and far between is that when i started this, I declared to myself that I wouldn't go into politics. I wouldn't start blathering on about the politics of the day.

It's not being overly political to say that this is a hard time to keep that promise. I am listening, and I am watching. I am making sure that my characters are real, in that their points of view are just as valid as the diverse points of view we have in America today. I just don't want to bring them to the same level of hate and contempt that I see infecting America. And there I go, getting close to being overly political right there.

Another reason is that I am on pins and needles waiting to hear on my first novel (Final Assembly). I've read that an author shouldn't announce submissions, because all too often they are rejected. To be honest, I am looking forward to reading the reasons why my novel was rejected, so I can make improvements and work hard at getting it published.

The second book, Precipice, is going through a bit more rewriting. I had expected to have it completed, already. Just didn't happen that way. Progress is being made, but it's been slow. Endurance is waiting for me, but I want to give it a little rest and come back to it fresh.

And that's about it. I've noticed a lot of people signing up as members here, but since most of them appear to be either fake names, or from Russia, I'm not thinking that's a good thing. No one has downloaded my free short story, and no one has started posting in the comments. I suppose that's a good thing, considering I only have the one story out. Time will tell.

Love and Peace.

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