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Writing Update for November

by Dennis M. Myers, 11/15/2019

Yes, I have been rather focused on baking. Trust me, it's for a good cause. When I write something, I prefer using facts, and writing what I know. Part of this new story has a beloved character trying her hand at baking for the very first time. Because I also have no experience, I decided to take the plunge.

Long story short, it's added details to my story I would never have come up with otherwise. Anyone who has learned to bake will see that what I wrote is real. I like that, even if it isn't the main point of the story, it is a plot point along the journey.

Endurance is now at over 61,000 words. It has been slow going. I started a new contract last month, and needed to wrap my head around a whole lot of new information. A week from today I will be driving down to South Carolina for AtomaCon. I am looking forward to the opportunity to reconnect with several old friends.

As an added bonus, anyone who presents me with a copy of Rabbit Hole Volume 2 to sign will get a special edition Automated Fleet sticker. It's perfect for your laptop or car window.

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