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Sourdough Saga, Episode II: Yeast Side Story

by Dennis M. Myers, 11/9/2019

I had been reading articles about how to not waste the extra sourdough starter that is created with everyday feedings. I smiled to myself when I found the recipe for sourdough pancakes. I rarely have time in the evenings to do much more than feed the starter, so I saved a couple of days worth of excess in the refrigerator, and then used it to make pancakes after May had gone to bed. I placed the stack in a container in the refrigerator with a little note on it for her. She woke me the next morning with a big hug. She was quite happy that I had made her pancakes for breakfast. She heated one up for me, too. Covering it with a couple of over easy eggs.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my wife? Her response was to pack me a salad fit for a king. I won't go into details, but man, that was an impressive salad.

My next goal is to make that full loaf of bread.

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