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Password Problems

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/27/2019

Long ago Google Chrome offered to store all my passwords for me. I though, my, how very convenient. Now, with just a few clicks, I can log back into any website I've ever been to.

Recently, I have taken to using a significantly longer password. Something on the order of the Correct Horse Battery Staple, type. I thought it was pretty smart of myself.

So this morning I had a password error on a site I am working on locally, on my desktop. You know I do that for a living, right? People are paying me to do this work. The password didn't work, and I wasn't sure if it was a code issue, or if somehow the password was actually wrong. So I popped open the Google password manager to see if I could look at the password, to verify it was correct.

Google prompted me for my google password.

Holy crap. What's my Google Password? It's been years since I changed that. I missed it on every try. Alright then, simple enough. I'll change my Google password to that nice nifty password I have started using.

Nope. Seems Google is now looking at the list of stored passwords and because I have used this password elsewhere, it refuses to let me use it on Google. Suddenly I realize that this happened to me last time, too. Which is why I have no clue what my password is. So I got angry and tried to change it to FuckYouGoogle. It told me I couldn't use a previous password.

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