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Story Time with Tony Renard

by Dennis M. Myers, 03/28/2020

Monday, September 20, 3288, 12:15

Tony Renard, a well known comedic reporter on Luna appeared at his studio desk. The triumphant music ended with a heroic flourish as the title graphics dissolved over his head. "Hello. I'm Tony Renard. Today, instead of my usual show, I have a short story for you." He grinned. "Something I've been working on for a while now."

He spun to another camera angle. His grin was gone. "This story is one that doesn't have a happy ending, so I do apologize in advance if you don't laugh. It starts with a small fire in a remote data storage locat... [More]

If I were to leave this life...

by Dennis M. Myers, 03/25/2020

If I were to leave this life right now, I know I would leave so many things undone. I have so many ideas I want to put into words. I have people I want to help, family I want to give my love to, and strangers who are friends I have yet to meet.

This current pandemic has made me take stock of my own life. Where I am, what I am doing. I've spent so much of my life lashed to the will of others simply to be given a wage they deem appropriate in order to sustain a household I may never live to see paid for.

I've spent so much of my life working to obtain that self-funding prop... [More]