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Red Ice: Luna 2414 (ch. 3)

by Dennis M. Myers, 04/7/2021


Miku enjoyed a rush of exhilaration as the shuttle's thrust into low orbit pushed her deep into the seat. The rest of the flight excited her less. Zero gravity had her last meal free-floating in her stomach. A couple of tablets helped with that. By the time the shuttle started it's flip in preparation for landing, she was more than ready to be back on the ground.

Miku's personal phone chirped.

"Miku, you need to abort." Geday looked worried. "We found him and traced him getting on the loop to Petrov. Looks like he laid low for a few days, th... [More]

Red Ice: Luna 2414 (ch. 2)

by Dennis M. Myers, 03/31/2021


The search for where Wayland Hartness went turned up nothing, but when they ran the search backwards, they found him arriving a week before the murder on the hyperloop from Drygalski.

When she told him, Geday shook his head. "That place is run by the Riqueza de Luna. They have the worst safety record on Luna. I would be afraid to send you there."

"I get that, Boss," said Miku, "and I appreciate the sentiment. But I'm not going anywhere. We just need to follow up on a lead and see if we can get a new digital record of his face. I'm sure that ca... [More]