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And Now it's July

by Dennis M. Myers, 07/1/2020

It's still been a strange stretch of time. I still don't want to get into politics or protests, they speak for themselves. Except that I'll say I believe everyone should be treated equally under the law. It's one of the founding principles of our nation. An ideal we have never lived up to.

I've passed the 82,000 word mark on the first draft of Endurance. Took some time off as we packed up my uncle and switched him into the minivan. He thinks it's like driving a luxury vehicle. After he was gone I found he had left me a set of computer speakers which included a decent sized subw... [More]

The Rainbow Deck (Gibson Edition)

by Dennis M. Myers, 06/29/2020

I've previously posted about the six suited poker deck I created for use in my stories. The idea is that in a thousand years, the deck has changes a little bit. Looking at history, it's perfectly reasonable to think it might. I added two new suits, Cups and Swords in blue. THat makes the deck 50% larger than the 4 suited deck, and since that came with two jokers, I decoded to switch that up a bit too. I have one Joker in Black, a Wizard in Red, and The Doctor in... you guessed it, she is Blue.

This changes the poker odds for hands, so I recalculated five card hands and ... [More]

Delivery Today!

by Dennis M. Myers, 06/24/2020

I'll have Interesting news in a few days. Not about my stories directly, but connected and fun.

According to the USPS tracking page, it is now out for delivery. Time to start writing the blog! [More]